Aguirre has had long experience in the design and manufacture of pneumatic cereal seeders, being the most established in the European market.

The machine design makes them sturdy and yet lightweight enough for handling. Medium-power tractors are sufficient for working with our models at full capacity and, in all cases, at low engine speeds.

Various sowing attachments to be able to seed in all kinds of conditions and equipped with specific systems for excellent depth control in all types of fields.

All the seeding work is managed from a console in the tractor driving position; easy programming of several options to cover every requirement of the farmer.

Aguirre seeder options

Mounted seeders

Our range of AGUIRRE Mounted seeders

Sembradoras Suspendidas Aguirre Maquinaria Agrícola

Trailed seeders

Our range of AGUIRRE Trailed seeders

Sembradoras Arrastradas Aguirre Maquinaria Agrícola

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