Pendulum Fertiliser Spreader (AP)

For precision farming

The pendulum fertiliser spreaders emerge as an improvement on the familiar mono-disc fertiliser spreaders.

Although they have smaller working widths, they have a very acceptable product distribution quality and for this reason are used for cereal and grass crop planting.

The range is markedly expanded in terms of the load capacities and possible options that these models can incorporate.

The hoppers are made from high density polyethylene with additives to withstand UV rays. They have covers of the same material in order to protect the product and the mechanisms from foreign bodies.


The mechanical part of the spreader unit, including its chassis, is made from high strength cast steel. The mechanisms are protected by a plastic housing which in turn supports the flow regulators disks. These are stainless steel to prevent corrosion and ensure the smooth operation of the device.

The bearings are of a high quality with indicated and very accessible point lubrication.

The regulation system is reliable with a working width which is achieved by varying the angle of rotation of the spreader pipe. This can reach 16 m with high spreading accuracy.

The agitator is very aggressive to ensure a steady supply of the product and to destroy any lumps that may have formed in the fertiliser. There is a specific device for spreading powdery materials.

This unit incorporates an accurate control mechanism for the dosage to be spread by means of a millimetric device and two regulation systems: manually by means of a cam or by using the hydraulic circuit of the tractor via an oil cylinder


Grupo esparcidor Abonadoras pendulares Aguirre


The distribution curves offered by this fertiliser spreader model are normally of the triangular type although it can have trapezoidal curves.

This is a great advantage because the edge can be fertilized accurately and without product loss.

We can regulate the working width from an ad hoc mechanism of the distribution unit.

For coefficients of variation below 10% we can always work up to an 16 m working width with virtually all known granular fertilisers.

As it is a pendulum distribution, the fertiliser distribution is perfectly symmetrical between the left and right side in the direction of travel.

The release of the product to the spreading tube occurs through one, two or three holes in the base of the hopper to ensure small and high doses of spreading.


PENDULUM “AP” FERTILISER SPREADER TABLE: (approximate measurements)

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