Mounted 1 Disc Fertiliser Spreaders (AC)

For precision farming

These were the first type of fertiliser spreaders that AGUIRRE built. AGUIRRE began marketing them during the seventies, playing a leading role in the mechanisation of the Spanish countryside. It is difficult to find a farmer who has not worked with some model or other from the range, now greatly revamped, which we present below.


The AGUIRRE mono-disc spreader unit is made from nodular cast iron. It features gears and axles hardened in a watertight casing in oil bath. It is very strong to ensure the long life of the unit. Its power take off has universal grooves with six channels and the rotation rate is 540 r.p.m. The chassis is fixed by means of three threaded bolts for easy dismantling. The spreader disk drive has six curved tines in order to achieve a significant working width. A lump-crusher inside the hopper ensures a constant flow of fertiliser.


The distribution curves offered by this fertiliser spreader model are of the triangular type. This allows us to work at different working widths without having to make adjustments to the machine. For coefficients of variation below 10% we can always work up to an 18 m working width with virtually all known granular fertilisers. Due to its specific design, the fertiliser distribution is perfectly symmetrical between the left and right side in the direction of travel. The output of the product to the spreading disc is sideways and has a left/right distribution selection mechanism.


ONE DISC “AC” FERTILISER SPREADER TABLE: (approximate measurements)

TABLA ABONADORA “AC” UN DISCO: (medidas aproximadas)

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1 Disc Fertiliser Spreader Instruction Manual