DP 44 Double Disc Fertiliser Spreader

For precision farming

The DP 44 series offers a slightly higher specification than its little sister, DP 36.

They are very robust machines, capable of withstanding loads of up to 4000 kg and working with absolute precision at large working widths and doses.

They feature the most advanced regulation devices currently available on the fertilization market.


Three very robust gearboxes with gears and axles hardened in oil bath.

The discs and the power take work at 1,000 r.p.m. to achieve a perfect distribution and large working widths; the extra-slow agitator moves at 90 r.p.m. to maintain the physical structure of the fertiliser without alteration.


The DP 44 models incorporate the following regulation elements:

Dosage in kg/ha. We can choose from several systems:

Constant flow. A millimetric index indicates the position of the opening of the product outlet windows from the hopper to the spreading discs. Our working speed should be constant. The opening/closing of the passage of fertiliser is made by a hydraulic on/off system.

A variant of this system is that of electrical control via the cab console. Manually, but without stopping the progress of the tractor, we can increase the of fertiliser drop flow and, therefore, the kg/ha.

Flow proportional to the speed. By means of electronic positioning control of the electric actuators that open and close the passage of fertiliser to the discs. This allows us to vary the working speed while maintaining the kg/ha desired.

The APOLLO device is continuously weighing, via four load cells that measure the actual weight of the assembly. No prior calibration testing is required.

Working width. To adapt to any need of the farmer based on the type of land farmed. This is done very simply with the help of the Instruction Manual. Adjustable from 12 to 44 m for the majority of fertilisers and maintaining a coefficient of variation below 10% as required by the European standards.


The DP 44 regulating systems are assisted by electronic devices that command and manage:

APOLLO with continuous weighing system for systems with flow proportional to progress via GPS antenna, for managing the following:

Necessary flow at each moment based on the forward speed

To modify the dose during the work

Hopper level and rotation control of the devices

Hectare counter and speed counter

Edge of field work


With a view to achieving a correct fertilisation of the edges with the least possible loss of fertiliser (for economic and environmental reasons), the DP 44 models can work under two different edge systems:


To move along at the very edge of the fields and to distribute the fertiliser only inside of these. Without any fertiliser waste.


To move along the inside of the fields usually coinciding with the tracks of the sprayer. The device can be adjusted for the various working widths of our sprayer, choosing in each case the option of efficiency, environmental or intermediate.

For this purpose we use the selection device for the fertiliser dropping point to the spreading disc.

Both systems comply with the European standard not to spread more than three parts per thousand of the product outside the field.


The quality of product distribution (whether fertiliser or seeds) is compared by the EUPA Testing Station in Palencia.

All the regulation proposed in the instruction manuals of the machine relates to actual tests performed in this official and independent laboratory and with coefficients of regulation within the European rules.

Up to 32 m all the distribution curves are triangular, ensuring a perfect fertilization at any working width.

The DP 44 provides quadruple coverage that guarantees the utmost precision in the regularity of the distribution over the field.


DOUBLE DISC “DP44” FERTILISER SPREADER TABLE: (approximate measurements)

TABLA ABONADORA “DP44” DOBLE DISCO: (medidas aproximadas)

Documentation and Catalogues

DP 44 Double Disc Fertiliser Spreader Instruction Manual 

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